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5th International Conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technologies

17 Sep - 19 Sep 2019

5th ICGCET-2019 is the premier forum for the presentation of Advancement in technology and research results. All the participants are encouraged to attend both workshop on second day of conference 8th September 2019 in order to acquire conceptual, experimental and theoretical skills in areas of electronics and computer systems. Workshop on IOT based systems using Raspberry Pi and Workshop on Energy Efficient Digital System Design using VHDL will update us for ongoing trends in research of Green Computing, Embedded System, Cyper Physical System and Engineering.

Workshop 1: Workshop on IOT based systems using Raspberry Pi:

Timing: 2-4 PM, 8th September 2019

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
    1. Microcontroller
    2. Which Microcontroller to choose and why?
    3. Uses and Applications of Microcontroller
    4. Embedded System Market
    5. What is IOT- In Depth Explanation
    6. Concepts and Technologies behind Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Introduction to Raspberry pi
    1. Raspberry pi different model comparison
    2. Raspberry Pi operating system choices
    3. Set up your Raspberry pi
    4. Raspbian OS
    5. Remote Access using SSH
    6. Remote Access using TightVNC
  • Program using Loops
    1. Program using function
    2. Python Libraries
    3. Raspberry pi GPIO interfacing
    4. Led Interfacing with Raspberry pi using python
    5. Switch counter project using python
    6. LCD Interfacing with Raspberry pi using python
    7. DC Motor Interfacing with Relay
    8. H-Bridge Circuit
    9. Working of L293D
    10. IR and Light sensor interfacing with raspberry pi
    11. DHT11 sensor interfacing with Raspberry pi
  • Monitoring of sensor data on cloud Web based controlling of actuators IOT based projects discussion
    1. Water management system
    2. Weather monitoring station on cloud
    3. Smart Agriculture System
    4. Smart Energy meter
    5. Pollution Monitoring system
    6. Smart Dustbin management system

Workshop 2: Workshop on Energy Efficient Digital System Design using VHDL

Timing: 4.30-6.30 PM, 8th September 2019

  • Introduction to HDL
    1. Why VHDL?
    2. Verilog versus VHDL.
    3. Special features of this language
    4. Procedural Languages (C, C++) versus VHDL.
    5. Different styles of modeling (dataflow, behavioral and structural).
    6. Data Types, objects and operators.
  • Simulators and their use in lab
    1. Generation of Test Bench
    2. Use of Model-Sim simulator
    3. Use of Xilinx ISE simulator
  • Design of Sequential Circuits
    1. Flip flop versus latch.
    2. Synchronous versus Asynchronous circuits.
    3. D, T, RS, and JK flip flop and latch.
    4. Shift registers (SISO, SIPO, PISO, PIPO)
    5. Counters (Mod counters, up and down counters)
    6. Ring counter and Jhonson counter.
  • Downloading of VHDL Program into Hardware
    1. Creation of UCF file.
    2. Creation of NCD file.
    3. Placement and routing.
    4. Creation of bit file.
    5. JTAG and Digilent cables.
    6. PLD’s (PAL, PLA)
    7. CPLD
    8. FPGA
    9. Introduction to Low Power VLSI
    10. Why Low power?
    11. Low Power Issues.
    12. Power reduction techniques and its implementation
    13. Use of Xpower Analyzer Tool in VHDL
    14. Project based on the power analysis for the design.

Fee of Each Workshop is 100 EURO, Fee of Both Workshop is 150 EURO